Terms of service

1, Thinking School and FGL, either Party is willing to disclose any of its confidential and proprietary information (terms of contract, CLDP contents) to any third party.

2, CLDP 2018 learning resources including:

  • Group 1 – standardization content: including general knowledge, skills which have been published in teaching slides, clips, readings, books, published case studies, and books.
  • Group 2 – CLDP 2018 customization content: including case studies developed for/ about FGL, assignments, tests, discussion, presentation, reports, capstone projects, trainers feedbacks, and all the recording of live streaming sessions for E-learning teaching days.

3, The 2 groups of resources make up the content of FGL CLDP 2018 and will be safely kept in Thinking School E-learning system.

  • As for resource group 1: FGL can use but not owns these resources since they are the published resources.
  • As for the resource group 2: this is the property of FGL. Thinking School do not disclose any of this resources for third party or use it for any other purposes except FGL CLDP 2018.

4, As in the first stage of FGL E-learning phase, Thinking School will keep these resources safely and confidentially in our system. These will be transferred in full for FGL once requested.

5, Thinking School highly respects its strategic partnership with FGL and expects long-term, sustainable development.

6, Thinking School commits for highest quality of its training and services

7, Thinking School are open and willing to listen to any of its clients, learners feedback in order for its continuous improvement. All unexpected problems occurred will be listened, communicated, and resolved fairly in order to ensure the highest solutions for clients and learners.

8, Thinking School strictly applies highest ethical standards: Intellectual humility, perseverance, integrity, empathy, and fairmindedness.

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