About Thinking School

Contributing to higher quality of life and freedom of people through critical thinking and liberal education with high technology



Contributing to higher quality of life and freedom of people through critical thinking and liberal education with high technology


Becoming high quality international institution base on technology platform.

Critical thinking and liberal education are the core foundation to develop the content of all courses.


#Liberal arts

#Critical thinking

#E-learning technology


Core values

Work ethic: Morality and work ethic are what most crucial when it comes to education. We are committed to our ethics & transparency, and apply this throughout our programs.

Rightful thoughts and mindset: constantly improve quality of thoughts and mindset, of staff, community and learners.

Learner-centric: Deliver programs, courses, and services that are learner-centric. Does everything with top-of-mind purpose is to always let the learner get the most value out of their learning time with Thinking School programs and courses.

Life-long-learning and innovative learning: continuously enhance programs with most up-to-date content and methods of teaching, learning, and researching. In most creative and innovative way possible.

A hub of happiness: work environment and study institution that brings happiness to ones who willing to participate. As being happy is the most certain way to help ones bring out their best and perform great work.

8 Ethical Intellectual Standards

1.Confidence in reason

2.Intellectual Humility

3.Intellectual Perseverance

4.Intellectual Independence

5.Intellectual Empathy

6.Intellectual Integrity

7.Intellectual Courage



Benefits of learners and customers are the top priority of Thinking School

Thinking School are working closely with customers to deeply understand their requirements, through which we propose the best training programs

Thinking School always listen and improve our teaching qualities and services. All problems will be solved base on discussions, cooperation and win-win solutions.

E-learning class: ThinkingSchool guarantee to return 100% tuition fee for students within the first 7 days since registration if students are not satisfied with us.


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Dr. Vũ Thế Dũng [ Trainer ]

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ASSOC.PROF.DR. Rolf-Dieter Reineke [ Trainer ]


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Dr. Ho Minh Huong [ Trainer ]

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ASSOC.PROF.DR. Lê Ngọc Quỳnh Lam [ Trainer ]

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ASSOC.PROF.DR. Bùi Mai Hương [ Trainer ]

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Dr . Nguyễn Thu Hiền [ Trainer ]

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Nguyễn Thị Ánh Phương, MBA [ Trainer ]

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Tạ Hùng Anh, MBA [ Trainer ]

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Hoàng Kim Dương, MBA [ Trainer ]

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